Ryan Nunes

Ryan has been a Santa Cruz born and raised engraving specialist since the age of 10 if you can believe it. His father started with a Pantograph engraver, which wasn't exactly the fastest machine, but it got the job done. Plus it was a good side business for his father, and his first official job.

Over the years he continued to work for his father as a means of additional income while he worked for other employers in the cabinetry and electrical distribution fields.  2013 is when he decided to resign from a decent sales job and jump into the engraving business full time, and as his own boss.

It has taken time but he has built incredible business relationships with some of the Bay area's best electrical companies. He has done labeling for data centers, schools, hotel's, retail stores, you name it, he'll label it. He even had the pleasure of doing some work for Levi's stadium. You will never see the work because it's probably hidden on some electrical panel somewhere, but he is proud to have a hand in it. Most of all he takes pride in every piece of work that he does.

Our Story

The idea of Santa Cruz Engraving has been passed around since 2007.

The owners of Santa Cruz Engraving have known each other from childhood. When Scott had heard of Ryan's new venture into engraving he became intrigued. This is where the wheels started turning. From party favors, wedding gifts, holiday and personalized gifts, the ideas were flowing. With this motivation they wanted to make this dream a reality. Finally they were able to get the quality laser engraver they needed, to get this business off the ground. 

So, nearly 8 years down the road, a partnership was established and Santa Cruz Engraving was born.
 The company wants to provide any and all services to all companies in our area and beyond. From the average Joe, to designers, contractors, restaurants, schools, small and large business,  all can benefit from our services.